Monday, January 14, 2008

The staging has begun--

Bought this weekend:
1 8 ft board
1 6 ft board
10 L brackets
2 boxes of wood screws

Using stud finder to mark the wall where L brackets will go
Measured room to determine optimum placement of shelving

Lined up:
Grandparents to watch Laina on Sunday so that Jorg and I can work without "Help".

Oh yeah, I got an email from Adriana who is in China right now. Her son Blake and Min are from the same Social Welfare Institute and she met Min while she was there getting Blake. She said that Min was very social and liked to chat. The nannies tell her that we're coming to pick her up, so they know we're on our way!

Min turns 3 next week. I was really hoping we'd have her home by now, but we'll be there soon enough. Maybe we'll plan a birthday for when she comes home.

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