Sunday, October 21, 2007

The lady that sent me the picture of Min as a little baby just sent me some more pictures that she took last week. She talked to the director and the teacher and the foster family and took pictures and even a movie. All I have right now are the pictures. Min was a bit overwhelmed by the attention and looks somewhat shell shocked. I love that she's so well loved by her foster family. Her hair is perfect, her clothes are clean and neat and she's dressed warmly. You can just tell that they are crazy about her!! I got a lovely picture with her and her foster sister (not gonna post that here, that's special for our family) and I know it's going to be so precious to her.

Here's what she looked like last week!!


ericprogrammer said...

What a cute little girl. I am sure it is all very exciting for you. It is so exciting that you are getting up to date info about her.

As you know, the Vincent's have just recently returned with their second adoption. We are getting together at our place on Nov. 3rd. I will post a few photos after that.

Michelle said...

What an absloutely beautiful little girl! I know you are so anxious to get her home!

Congrats and hope you get that LOA really soon

(visitor from RQ)

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Oh my... she is just the cutest little thing... Just happened to stumble across your site... will visit again... take care..