Friday, November 2, 2007

I had a conversation today with a Chinese woman. She thought that we should give Min a "regular" name. She said that all kids want to do is "fit in" and that a name like "Min" is too strange that Americans wouldn't accept it and that I should give her a regular American name. I then told her that "Min" was an easy name for Americans to say and spell and that would be hard for her to change her name. When she heard that we would be giving Min an English middle name, she thought that was good. Then Min could choose which name she wanted to use. So, this woman has given us her blessing to keep Min's name, not that we ever needed it, but now we have it. Now the quest begins for a middle name. We don't even have a short list right now, but we'll get one before too long.
Beautiful Min, we have to find you a good middle name!

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