Monday, December 17, 2007

My to do list:

I'm reposting this list up here so that I can look at it. Here's the next few steps in this process--

Send LOI (letter of Intent to Adopt):
(Done August 13)
Wait for PA (prior approval): (Done September 14th)
Send Dossier to China: (Done September 15)
Talk to Social Worker to get home study addendum: (Done September 18th)
Get Home study Addendum (Received on October 3)
Receive Letter of Acceptance (Received on December 14)
Sign and Return LOA back to the Agency via FEDEX (Completed on December 17th)
Apply for Travel Visas to China (Picked up from L.A. Consulate on 1/23/08)
Receive Travel Approval (Received on 1/22/08)
Agency Makes Consulate Appointment
Get the go ahead to book plane tickets
Leave to Pick up Min!!

Now, lots of people start getting the baby's room ready as soon as they are DTC. I am not this way. Right now, the only things I have done to actually prepare for having Min in our house is to purchase a bed and get a dresser. I have quite a few things that I'd like to get done before she comes home. I'm posting this list here.

1. Put the new dressers in the room.
2. Put up shelving to get the toys off the floor.
3. Hang a peg board so the girls can hang things on it.
4. Change out the bookshelf to a smaller, shorter model. The one that's in there right now is not a good option.
5. Mark the clothes that will be Min's and the clothes that are Lainas.
6. assemble Min's bed and put the blankets and sheets on it.
7. Get under bed storage boxes for both the girls beds.
8. Hang a towel bar in the bathroom so both Laina and Min can have their own towel place. (They can always know were their towel is. This is important). (Laura is a geek).
9. Get 2 car seats Min, one for each car.
10. Get Min her own Stokke chair.

The girls are going to be sharing a room. Our house is a rental and it only has 3 rooms. One of the rooms is functioning as the "office". We hope to be purchasing a house here in the lovely county of Orange as soon as we sell our house in P-town (in the spring it goes on the market). We also need the market down here to tank a little bit more. It needs to be fiscally more responsible to buy rather than rent. In the future, the girls can have their own room if they want. Or, if we have 2 rooms for them, they can sleep in one, and have their stuff in another. We'll see how it goes. If they get along, then all is well. If one of them is always aggressive and tries to destroy, hit, bite, push or pester her sister (Laina?? Never!) then we'll have to see what arrangements we'll have to figure out. That's a bridge to cross after we've already fallen in the water. Yeah, something like that.


Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

What ALOT of stuff to remember...

Tamara said...

Love the to-do list. I have one as well. We are leaving on 1/10 so I have crossed a lot of things off of it- but it seems like I keep adding more. I hope you get TA soon.