Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Virtual Twins

Min and Laina are virtual twins. They are one month apart in age. Laina is older. Her birthday is in December and Min's is January. There are some big differences in them, though. Laina has superior language ability and motor skills at this point in time. Laina is also more assertive and opinionated. Laina is smaller and more compact. You would guess she's the younger one if you only would look at them, but she is in fact older.
Min can do many things that Laina can't. Min can use chopsticks and sing on tune. Min recites little poems. Laina has trouble remembering the words to "twinkle twinkle little star" but can talk your ear off about other things. Laina can spot several different kinds of cars and tell you about them when we're driving. Min can tell you whenever there's an airplane flying overhead. Laina likes to help empty and load the dishwasher. Min can draw for a long time if no one interrupts her.

Today at the Costco a woman asked me, "are they twins?". I said, "No, they're not." She said, "Oh, I thought they might be twins, they look so close in age".
"They are close in age. She's a month older than her".
"Oh. I thought they were sisters."
"They are sisters! Figure that one out!"
The lady smiled (this was all a very pleasant exchange, no irritation on either of our parts) "hmmm...that's a puzzle, I'll have to think about how that might work".
I didn't mention adoption. If she couldn't figure out they were adopted, then a little thinking might be good for her.
Since the girls are so different in size and I don't do too much of the "twin" dressing, I haven't had to answer the "twin" question except for that one time. I haven't even had to address the "sisters" question. My guess is that people assume I'm the baby sitter. I've had one person ask me if I'm babysitting, (this was before Min came home) and I said, "No, I'm the Mom." they looked puzzled and said, "oh...she must look like her father". I made a "thinking and puzzling" face and said, "you know, she doesn't look like him at all. Her daddy is German". This blew the poor little brain of the dear girl who was working at Big Lots. I could see the stripped gears of her little mind spin and try to grasp this information and make sense of it. I smiled my biggest, winningest smile, swung my baby to my hip and said, "thanks, bye!". She's probably still wondering what kind of girl I am. Poor dear.


Krista said...

Ohh, too funny! I too have had the "oh, you must be the babysitter" question!!
I guess I should be prepared though, as we are hoping to leave in July for our son also from China, who is 6 months older than his sister. Virtual twins also.
I've been following your blog for a while! I just love the way you write. Funny and straight from the heart!
Would it be alright if I listed your blog as one of my favorites? I always like to ask before I post a link.
Please come by and visit my blog. I too shoot straight from the hip!

Our Journey to ALLY in China said...

That is HILARIOUS! I'll have to remember that one!

Tamara said...

We get lots of the twin questions. Of course- they are the same size and I dress them alike. I always say no they are not twins- they are sisters. Puzzles looks all the time. Other comments are to much - and quite funny.
Your girls are beautiful!!!
One cashier asked me if my daughters father was Chinese- I told her I didn't know- it was dark and I was drunk. So not the right answer- but really what business is it of hers.
Beautiful family!

Joelle said...

Ok. Got such a kick out of this cuz I know you just revel in these sorts of conversations -- leaving confusion in your path!! :)

Anonymous said...

People in our neck of the woods always assume my husband is Asian. Actually, it's nice because we can just go about our business. Perhaps that woman was assuming the same, which would be, um, confusing... unless of course you had two men in your life! HA!


Anonymous said...

Wait. Even the 2 dad theory doesn't hold up. You will have her stumped.


Donna said...

I could have written this myself! My girls are also four years old and just one month apart in age. I finally just started saying "Yeah, they're twins" when people ask. To answer truthfully just starts an avalanche of other questions that always end with me having to tell MUCH too much personal information about how our children joined our family. Fortunately, we don't get the twin question very much anymore because "older" sister is 20 pounds heavier and four inches taller! But we used to get it constantly and it drove me nuts.

By the way, our 2nd daughter is our Min girl. That was her surname in China and I still call her Maddy-Min or Mooncake as terms of endearment.

Your girls are adorable and I'm enjoying your blog(s)! :)

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