Sunday, February 17, 2008

Afoot and afield in Beijing

This morning we stayed around Xiao Yuan's house and talked.  Then around noon we headed out for some lunch and sight seeing.  Wrongway (who I've been told should more correctly be nicknamed "runway" and Xiaoyuan took us to a great Beijing noodle restaurant.

After lunch, Jorg and I went to a Taoist temple that depicted all the departments in heaven that had jurisdiction over the different kinds of hell depending on how good or bad your were in this life.  It's a beautiful temple with some interesting things to see.   We had a chance to push a stone grinding wheel,  that was great.  My favorite bit of wackiness was the Magical Donkey.  Since we touched the Magical Donkey, we are sure to have good health.

Tomorrow we will go and  visit Xiao Yuan's work and meet her boss for lunch and here are some pictures of the day's adventures!

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