Saturday, February 16, 2008

Hanging around in Beijing

Today was a nice take it easy day.  We all got up late, drank coffee, talked and watched some TV.  At noon we drove over to another part of town near the Sams Club and we ate a Chinese lunch (sliced pork and leak with tofu skin wrappers, mala noodles, fish poached and steamed in tin foil, dry sauteed green beans, and kung pao chicken).  After lunch we went to Sams club to go shopping.  I bought some ingredients for the meal I cooked tonight.  I made Oatmeal patties, mashed potatoes, broccoli, and mushroom gravy.  I guess it was OK, I would need cottage cheese to make it better, but that was not available.

We decided not to register with the PSB.  Xiaoyuan said it's no big deal and no one really cares.  So, we won't do that, but yes, Joelle, I remember Jonathan and the PSB--remember officer ratface?  I imagine his face in my head and I want to go poke him in the eyes. Lee Hen described him as "oily".  I just think he's a ratface.  Sorry--I'm going a little inside joke here.

I don't have any pictures to post today, but I will tomorrow.

So--I'm tired and going to bed.  Laina is doing just fine according to my parents!

Oh, No worries, Terri-  Mai/Min--no big deal!!
Kisses all around!!

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