Saturday, February 23, 2008

Let's's Saturday night and it's been a busy last couple of days. On Thursday Jorg went to work and I went walking around Nanjing. We're staying in an area of downtown called "Xin Jie Kou". I walked around and went to department stores and looked at lanterns that were made for the lantern festival. I haven't really been shopping in China for about 10 years. I have to say that I think that there isn't anything that you can't get in China anymore. There is everything here. The styles are cute and fashionable. The home products are stylish and of good quality. There is cheese and butter in the supermarkets. Would you like a bosch washing machine? They have them. How about adorable shoes? No problem. Cream cheese on your bagel? Yes. I can get that. What about rollerblades. Yep, got those. I'm trying to think of things I didn't see. I can think of Cottage cheese, black licorice, and I don't think I saw a size DD bra.

Friday Jorg went to work again. I walked to the presidential Palace where Sun Yat Sen lived and also Chiang Kai Shek hung out for a bit. It wasn't the most amazing tourist attraction, but I had a nice time walking around.

Saturday we went looking at plum blossoms at the purple mountain and also went to have a look at the Yangtze river.

On Friday night, we went to the house of Jorgs business partner and the mother in law fixed us all dinner. It was fantastic. Spicy beef, shrimp, chicken, different vegetables and two different fish dishes. Oh yeah, there was another one. The lady of the house described this dish: It's like a fish, but not a fish. It can swim very well. It can jump very well. (At this time I guessed it was a frog). Yes, it's like a frog, but not a frog. It's very big, we call it "cow frog". Hmmm...cow frog. Oh yes...bullfrog. Yes, we had toad for dinner. It was pretty yummy. It tasted like meat that has spicy delicious sauce on it. My general rule for eating in China is "Don't ask...just eat. If it tastes good, eat more". I had several delicious bites of toad!!

Let's find a picture to post--

These are from Beijing: A really HUGE abacus.

We were very put off because the temple only had a 2 star toilet. (just kidding. It was a lovely toilet, clean and with doors. There was only one "western toilet" but I don't use those in the public bathrooms anyways. I find it easier to just use the squat ones).

How beautiful are the colors in this roof?

Tonight I'm thinking of little Min. She's probably sleeping in the orphanage away from her foster family and missing them. Of course she may be thinking she's having a fun time at a big slumber party. At any rate, she might know that her American family is coming, but she doesn't really know what that means for her. I hope that she's not too traumatized and scared. I'm afraid that she'll be afraid. I'm feeling quite anxious for her. So, I'm feeling rather helpless to do anything right now. I'll just have to see how it goes. 2 more sleeps--better get sleeping, I'm tired.


tsforza said...

we're sending good energies your way, laura! good luck, breathe deep and remember that it's always an adjustment in the beginning, for gets better and better and better. signed - the pep squad

Joelle said...

Bullfrog -- well done.

Yes, scared, excited, confused, worried... the good thing is that you'll have many of the same emotions she'll have and we all know emotions are better to deal with when shared.

2 more sleeps. They'll go fast.

*Overflowing* said...

I am thinking of you guys tonight and praying for sweet Min's transition. It won't be long before she realizes how wonderful it is to have a mommy, daddy, and sissy!

Can't wait to see her in your arms...can't wait to meet her, too :)
~blessings, stacy (OC yahoo group)