Thursday, February 28, 2008

To the temple

Today we went to a famous temple in Hangzhou. As far as temples go, this one was very large and beautiful. There weren't too many people there (in comparison to the "busy season") and so it was fairly easy to get around and see the many Buddhas.

Min hates to walk and is always asking to be carried. This is turning into a little problem, because she is quite heavy despite her thinness. She's very tall! Tall, skinny and heavy.

OH yes, I meant to add in my previous post that Min's thinness is in no way because of lack of food. She was offered all the food she could want. She's a picky eater.

Here are some pictures of our adventures today:

Buddha says, "Do not wait to be a Grandmother to have blue hair".

Min has done a fair amount of crying today and feels very sad. She misses her foster family. She looked at some pictures of herself from a couple of months ago that the orphanage gave her and she broke down in sobs. She wants to be held while she's crying so we hold and rock. Hold and rock. Hold and rock.


Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Oh what a gorgeous girl... Going home to Australia, working etc I forgot to keep up with how things went for you and I wanted to... I will sit down tonight to read your site... sorry about that... take care

tsforza said...

so sad about the sadness.... but what is it they say about that...? proves she has attached, and will attach again... hoping for sooner rather than later. maybe when you get to guangzhou you can find a maya-wrap-type sling on shaiman island somewhere to make the carrying easier? (and on the bathtub thing, we got in with xia to show her it was ok. that may work with a 1-year-old, but scare the hell out of a 3-year-old...just an idea!) anyway, good luck. we're rooting for you.

Donna said...

Oh sweet peanut...I just bawled as I read your posts. My heart just breaks for Min. These little one's go through so much to make it to their new families. Soon, very soon, she'll be a happy girl. It's just so hard in the meantime.

I am praying for peace for sweet Min! Blessings, stacy (oc)

Rachel said...

Min is beautiful - congratulations on your new daughter. I'm sorry to hear about the sadness. It breaks my heart.


Mommy said...

My heart hurts for all of you. Hold on Little Tomato it gets better. There are so many people waiting to meet you, get to know you , and love you. We are sending our thought and prayers on the wind to you all.