Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Unpeeling

Yesterday we went to Min's Orphanage. Min cried when we came into the gate and while we were talking to the director and the assistants. She calmed down after a bit and was happy to meet her teachers and the staff members who knew her. I was hoping to get some pictures of the kids that will be coming home to their families soon, but the kids weren't there. They have a longer break for the mid-winter vacation and actually the kids won't start school again until March 3. The staff knows that the waiting kids are placed and are looking forward to meeting the families. All of the kids are well taken care of and the staff love them. I gave greetings from a few families and told them that T.A.A's family and B.Y.C's family are doing well and send greetings. The staff was happy to hear that things are progressing well and encouraged us to send pictures and updates when we can. We took some pictures but they're not that exciting.

When we got home (home meaning the hotel) and had some lovely dinner (can you eat too much Jiaozi?) I decided that against much protest, it was time to strip Min naked and give her a bath. We waited for 2 days, at it was time. She had a "special smell" and it wasn't getting any better.
So, the "peeling" began. One sweater, another sweater (the smelly one), a long sleeved cotton shirt, socks, one padded pant, another padded pant, one pair of cotton leggings, and boys underpants.

As her clothes came off her size decreased and I could see what a whisper of a little body she had. She looked as thin and fragile as the last five minutes of a bar of soap. She screamed and was extremely unhappy that I had taken to her this insulting level of vulnerability, but she really needed to be washed. I did the quickest bath ever in the world for her, including washing her hair, which she also really, really hated. After I washed her, I picked her out, wrapped her in a big fluffy towel and sat her in bed where she whimpered loudly, and sucked her finger. Poor thing. I dressed her in her soft pajamas, brushed her hair and put it into a sleeping braid and turned on the TV. She calmed down, snuggled close and fell asleep. she slept very well that night.

We're having a little problem pottying. She hates the western toilet and is loathe to use it. Of course she will because I lift her onto it and tell her to go, but she cries. She has not used the toilet for any "solid" purposes yet and I'm getting a little worried. It's not because she doesn't need to go, I think she's trying very very hard to keep everything inside. If we don't get some sort of "movement" by tomorrow, I'm going to take medicinal action.

Jorg's gotten a chest cold and is coughing a lot.

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