Friday, February 8, 2008

Pre-Trip To Do

OK, Everything for the adoption and the trip is technically taken care of. I mean, if someone said, "You must leave tomorrow morning", we could stuff a few clothes in a bag, grab our adoption file and be out the door. But, I've got a few things that I need to remember. I'm going to write them all down here just so I can see it.

1. Empty the fridge of things that will get nasty.
2. clean the bathrooms really well
3. put clean sheets on the bed
4. vacuum the house
5. mop the kitchen floor
6. make a list of things I.'ll need to have for the dinner I'm making at Xiao Yuan's house
7. print out some pictures for Min's foster family
8. Pack up Laina's clothes for her stay at my parents
9. Wrap up the little presents for Laina for each day we're away
10. Update our Will so that my parents will know what to do in the unlikely event of a water landing.
11. Pack up Min's clothes
12. Order tickets for the "Baby Loves Disco" party.
13. Make sure I know the "direct send" address for this blog.
14. Make sure I have all my camera equipment packed.
15. Call and make sure how many "gifts" I need to bring and for whom.
16. Make sure that Oscar the Cat has all his needs met and his caretaker knows the drill.
17. Get a house key packed.
18. Figure out if my parents will need 2 carseats or just one.
19. Call Grandma
20. do all the laundry
21. Pull more weeds in the backyard if I can.
22. Find a good book to read on the trip, one that's a paperback and not too expensive so I can ditch it if I have to and not feel bad.
23. Try not to flip out, scream, rip off all my clothes and go running down harbor blvd wearing nothing but a tu-tu and hiking boots.

Yeah. That's all I gotta do. biggie. I worry about it tomorrow.


Joelle said...

Hey -- sooooo excited for you! I've finally signed up for "bloglines", an aggregator, which will let me know when you have a new post so that I don't forget to check it for months. So so so exciting. Ok -- looking forward to new news! Happy flying and baby getting.

Anonymous said...

Hi Laura,
I hope you got most of your list done. The weeds can wait. The book can be bought at the airport. The naked run can be done in the hotel room when you get there. Everything will be fine. Sounds fun to stay with your former student. You and Jorg have lots of courage and love to bring home the little tomato. I will look forward to getting to know the newest family member. Good luck, safe travels, and enjoy your trip. Parenthood is an amazing, trying, and exiting adventure....what the future brings for all our monkeys will be interesting to see.
happy travels, -a

p.s. we'll give Laina lots of hugs for you next weekend.